Supply Chain Management

ELS streamlines and cleans up your supply chain by applying lean tools and processes.

Third Party Maintenance organizations often manage inventories in their own facilities, however, the need for storage and movements across these inventories are rarely static. With an ideally located presence in the Northeast, ELS is your best partner to manage transient inventories.

Product Receiving

ELS tracks inbound shipments and provides real time on-line reporting


Why pay for a warehouse when you can right-size your storage costs by paying by the sku.

In-warranty vendor management

ELS can liaison with the OEM to manage in-warranty part and assembly replacement.

Specialized services

Logistics facilities are great at storing products. However, in many industries additional services are often required to prepare a product for deployment.

Pick, pack and ship

Both domestically and internationally

Asset recovery

Recycle in both an information and environmentally conscious manner