Returns Management

With the primary goal of getting products to market, reverse logistics is often overlooked until it's a problem..

ELS is your partner in customizable Returns Management providing:

  • Returns receiving
  • Triage/grading
  • Repair/return to inventory (Level 1-4)
    • Level 1: New product returned
      • Buyer's remorse, wrong product ordered
      • Verify status, update, clean, repackage
    • Level 2: Minor repair needed
      • Non-technical repair not requiring certified technician, ordering parts
      • Update, clean, repackage
    • Level 3: Major repair needed
      • Certified technician and/or ordered parts required for repair
      • Update, clean, repackage
    • Level 4: Beyond Economic Repair
      • Parts harvesting for Level 3 repairs
      • Recycling unusable parts and assemblies